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For over 40 years, Global Sources has been dedicated to helping buyers source more confidently from Asia.

Today, we offer comprehensive supplier pre-screening services to help you reduce your sourcing risk.

Verified Suppliers
Suppliers and exhibitors whose business registration details have been verified by independent third parties such as D & B (Dun & Bradstreet), Ease Credit or Experian.
  Verified Manufactures
Verified Suppliers whose business scope, as licensed by relevant government departments, allows them to manufacture goods.
  Supplier Capability Assessment
In partnership with Bureau Veritas, we enable buyers to audit suppliers immediately across several key areas, including production facilities, capabilities and product quality.

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Buyers prefer Global Sources Verified Suppliers
"There's too much supplier information online and I don't know whom to trust. So I give preference to Verified Suppliers."

Alexandre Trindode
Golden Gate Sourcing, Brazil


"I would feel more confident to make purchases from companies that are verified."

Desiree Stanley
Alexandra Jardan, U.S.A.

Send inquiries to verified suppliers
96% of buyers would choose verified suppliers when sending inquiries online

Place orders with verified suppliers

97% of buyers would choose verified suppliers when placing orders with companies they found online
Place orders with star-ranked suppliers
98% of buyers would choose star-ranked suppliers when placing orders with companies they found online


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