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We provide the right information to our four primary communities:

Worldwide quality buyers and suppliers

The right information for the global merchandise trade industry  

Reliable exporters - Find suppliers online, meet at our shows

For over 40 years, Global Sources has been dedicated to serving the international B2B trade industry and building a quality buyer community for suppliers. Engage with target buyers and promote your unique strength and value through media channels commonly used by buyer, including online, magazine, trade shows and Private Sourcing Events.

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See how Global Sources can help you source more confidently!
See how Global Sources can help you source more confidently!

China's business decision-makers
China's business decision-makers  

Dedicated to the mission of “providing excellent management practices for China’s business leaders”, since its launch in 1992, Chief Executive China offers readers successful case studies in the China business context as well as the world’s latest management ideas and practices. Practical and quality editorials content and unique global perspective enables us to build deep readers loyalty. Many of our readers regard Chief Executive China as the best business management media in China.

Compared to obtaining information from a single source, CEC’s elite community is more likely to get information from multiple sources. CEC constantly adapts to changes in reading habits of the community and the role of the media. Its established media channels, including magazine, website, forum, iPad, mobile and social media, attracts an extensive, targeted community of over 3.5 million business elites.

For more information, please visit:

•  CEC multi-media platform solutions provider

China's domestic buyers and global suppliers
China's domestic buyers and global suppliers

In recent years, Global Sources has been actively expanding its business in China in response to the rapid growth of the country's domestic B2B market.

In 2013, Global Sources entered into an agreement to acquire an ownership interest in the Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition and its related shows.


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