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E-Press Kit
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Download basic or custom-made E-Press Kits to get acquainted with our company.

Basic Press Kit

Basic Press Kit
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One-click access to essential Global Sources information including the new corporate brochure, awards & accolades, and 45 years book.
Custom-made Press Kit

Build your basic press kit or create your own custom-made Global Sources press kit with the information below.

The First 45 Years

The First 45 Years
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Learn the history of Global Sources and our achievements in facilitating global trade.
Corporate brochure prize

Corporate brochure
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The brochure helps acquaint you with Global Sources competitive advantages and our unique position in the marketplace.
Global Sources awards & accolades
Global Sources awards & 

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Third party endorsement for Global Sources leading export services.
Management biographies
Management biographies
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Biographies of Global Sources management team – the people who dedicate their experience and leadership to facilitating global trade.

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