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what not to do with the corporate logo?
  • Never outline in black or any color
  • Never put effects like combination of filled color and outline color
  • Never make the density of the letters fatter or bigger than the logo
  • Never change or put assorted colors.
  • Never apply it as reverse white
  • Never put special effect to enhance the logo visually
  • Never put the logo on any background except white
  • Never make the mistake of resizing the logo inaccurately or purposely distorting it
  • Never scaled down the logo smaller than a minimum width size of 24 millimeters.
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Copying of images for commercial use is prohibited without the express written consent of Global Sources.

Global Sources reserves the right to withdraw permission to reproduce copyright material whenever, in its discretion, it feels that the privilege of reproducing its material is being used in a way detrimental to its interest or the above instructions are not being followed properly to protect its copyright.

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