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Global Sources continues partnership with Crossroads Foundation, donates two trucks of goods after the April 2019 shows

For the last 13 years, Global Sources has partnered with Crossroads Foundation to support its charity program, Care & Share, which collects sample products from exhibitors at the end of the shows for distribution in relief and development efforts in over 90 countries.

Crossroads staff and volunteers collect the goods at the end of phase 3 of our spring 2019 shows.

For the recently concluded spring 2019 shows, Crossroads collected two trucks of goods, ranging from small household items to furniture.

CEO Hu Wei said: “Our support for the Care & Share program wouldn’t have been possible without the kindness and generosity of our exhibitors. Our thanks also go to Crossroads Foundation, which ensures that the donated products and goods reach people who need them the most.”

“Crossroads Foundation is grateful for the long relationship with Global Sources,” said Jason Noble, engagement manager for Crossroads. “We couldn’t empower communities to break the cycle of poverty without the generosity of companies like Global Sources. Thank you for turning corporate sustainability into an investment in communities.”

Aside from its charity component, Care & Share helps Global Sources become an eco-friendly and sustainable trade organizer. Similar events often produce a lot of waste and discarded products, including additional carbon footprint as exhibitors ship their products to their respective home countries. This program ensures that surplus products at our shows benefit communities all over the world instead.

Donations from Global Sources exhibitors range from household items to furniture

Donations go far and wide

Since 2006, Global Sources has donated over 30 truckloads of goods to the Crossroads Foundation. In the last five years alone, it has collected almost five full containers of items including furniture, mobile accessories, and stationery for distribution.

“We keep some in stock in our warehousing facility and some has been dispatched in shipments abroad including Fiji, Ghana, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Zambia,” shared Andrea Kuhn, communications manager for Crossroads. “A large part has been donated within Hong Kong to some 64 different NGOs and social welfare service centers, including those working with children and families, youth, asylum seekers and refugees, those working with minorities, the elderly, rehabilitation services, reintegration of prisoners and medical and psychiatric facilities.”

Stories from beneficiaries of the shipments of goods, which include those from Global Sources, truly warm the heart. In Zambia, where over half of the population lives below the international poverty line, Crossroad’s NGO partners have established schooling programs to break this cycle of poverty and illiteracy. Donated desks and classroom furniture have allowed a partner school to save more than US$700 per term and even earn extra income by renting its space as an examination center. Bicycles in this shipment have also benefited some students who had to walk over 16km from their homes to the school and back.

“The sustainability of our program has been enhanced,” shared the NGO director in Crossroads’ feedback report. “This shipment has, above all, demonstrated that our school is here to stay.”

Since the arrival of Crossroads shipment, which includes donations from Global Sources exhibitors, this school in Zambia has begun construction on four new classrooms.

Our donations also reached a newly opened computer center in Ghana, which is dedicated to training teenagers for future corporate jobs. Pooled with essential goods, such as computers, furniture, and school supplies, from other Crossroads’ donors, the shipment is also benefitting the entire community as the initiative is open to everybody. “In our schools, we don’t have access to computers,” they wrote in the report. “But now we can browse, type, and do many things with computers. We have Facebook accounts now!”

A partner beneficiary in Fiji is aiming to arrest an increasing number of drop outs and out-of-school youths in the island. Mr. Meka, a principal, is committed to giving them a second chance in life, but this has resulted to a surge in enrollments in his school, which couldn’t keep up with the demand. The shipment that Crossroads distributed, which included Global Sources donations, provided the school with 200 school desks and chairs. “The timing was impeccable!” Mr. Meka said. “The container had enough school desks and chairs to fill five classrooms and it saved us so much money that we just didn’t have.”

For more information on Crossroads Foundation, visit Global Sources is scheduled to run the Care & Share program again at the Hong Kong shows in October 2019.

Results of charitable donations

Exhibitors’ kind donations had a huge impact on many people in need and are included in Crossroads’ overall statistics from the past four years:

Hong Kong:
People impacted through Global Distribution in Hong Kong: 95,628
 Goods distributed through Global Distribution in Hong Kong equate to about 400 twenty-foot containers (TEUs)

Hong Kong & internationally
People impacted through Global Distribution in total (Hong Kong & international): 1,472,470
Goods distributed through Global Distribution in total (Hong Kong & international) equate to about 730 twenty-foot containers (TEUs)