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Path:  Corporate Home >> Media Coverage >> Apr 26, 2018
Global Sources Gifts & Home show focuses on innovation

Compact smart air purifier, voice-activated desk lamp, UV protective scarves made of titanium dioxide textile fiber, smart massage cushion, negative ion emitting mugs and more, you can see all of these innovative products at Global Sources Gifts & Home show which opened in Hong Kong on April 18.

Global Sources Gifts & Home show attracts buyers from all over the world. Through our carefully designed pavilions and product zones, attendees can expect to find products to satisfy consumers’ needs and technology that will change their lives for the better. They can also stay ahead of market trends and gain inspiration for sourcing next season,” said Cameron Walker, President of Global Sources Gifts, Home and Hardware Group.


Founded for more than 46 years, Global Sources has been serving the B2B industry with a reliable, professional trade platform highly trusted by the Company’s buyer and supplier communities. More than 1.5 million international buyers, including 94 of the world’s top 100 retailers, use these services to obtain product and company information to help them source more profitably from overseas supply markets

Walker added: “Global Sources has been focusing on brand building and self-transcendence over the past 46 years. This is applied in the Company’s trade show business too. You can see many new products at the Gifts & Home show every time. Advocating green, smart and fashion has made the show a barometer for the industry. We aim to provide suppliers and buyers with an effective platform to negotiate and trade. What’s more, in order to help facilitate products further upgrade, we launched the first Cool Design Awards in October 2017 and will continue this spring. The Awards aim to endorse unique products and designs and make ‘innovative’ an everlasting theme for our show.”

Carry on the dream

Many new products are on display at Gifts & Home show every time, and various services are also launched to meet exhibitors’ needs.

Highlights of the spring show include Cool Design Gallery which features the works of finalists and winners of the Cool Design Awards, plus product demos and information for online sellers; Design Corner showcases products with innovative designs from exhibitors, independent designers and rising design companies; Hot Product Demo Zone includes live demonstrations hosted by social media influencers of cutting edge products from exhibitors; Color Trends Area by Pantone offers a glimpse into the hot hues in home products for the coming season; New Sourcing Markets Pavilion showcases new and unique products from emerging Asian sourcing markets including Vietnam, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Laos and Cambodia, and conferences feature industry experts offering advice on topics including Smart Sourcing and Manufacturing, Design Strategy and Online Retail 101. 

You can see new products, new ideas everywhere at show floor, which make it a platform for exhibitors to carry on their dreams.

Shenzhen ShiBaZhi Fashion Technology Co. joins the Gifts & Home show again and their booth is always crowded with overseas buyers asking for product details. Liu Jianghua, General Manager of ShiBaZhi, said: “Our product was one of the winners at Cool Design Awards last year. For its unique designs, our products are very well-received by buyers from Europe and the U.S. We have joined the Gifts & Home show many times and it helps us to tap into overseas markets.”

The lamp made of Dupont paper from Shenzhen Zheng Ming Technology Co. looks like an ordinary book when it’s closed. But the book turns into an innovative desk lamp once you flip it open. The spokesperson from Zheng Ming said their company obtained authorization from Marvel Comics for the production of desk lamps with images of Captain America, Justice League and Iron Man. All of which are very popular in the market.

Global Sources Gifts & Home show provides buyers and sellers a platform to trade and negotiate. It also helps mainland exhibitors tap into international markets.

Open up the future

Technological advancement facilitates better lives for people. This explains why the smart home market is gaining popularity in the consumer market. Walker added that promoting product intelligence development, always tops the agenda of Gifts & Home show. With their continuous effort, about 10 to 20 percent of the exhibitors launch smart home products. Many traditional products, like audio products and humidifiers have been incorporated with smart concepts.

Another key trend in sourcing market is online sellers. The rapid emergence of online sellers recently has also brought about numerous changes in traditional trade shows as they have become a new driving force in the sourcing industry. In response to this, Global Sources Gifts & Home show quickly responds to market needs and has launched a wide range of services to help enhance the buying experience of online and Amazon sellers while enabling them to source more efficiently. This includes products from verified suppliers and more than 300 exhibitors that accept small orders, a conference program featuring online retail experts, as well as the Global Sources Summit – a three-day conference teaches intermediate and advanced Amazon and e-commerce sellers how to source from Asia more effectively, and sell online more profitably. 

“We provide training to exhibitors on how to better work with online sellers and catch up with market changes. In fact, the show itself helps buyers look for quality suppliers around the world. This is our core value no matter how the future develops,” concluded Walker.


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