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Path:  Corporate Home >> Media Coverage >> Apr 12, 2018
Tommy Wong: industry standard is a breakthrough in the smart home industry

2018 Spring Global Sources Electronics show opened on April 11. A total of 6,600 booths are featured at the show including an expanded smart home pavilion showcasing smart security, lighting, voice-activated devices and entertainment products. “Smart Living”, “Smart Home” are keywords frequently heard at the show. Tommy Wong, President of Global Sources Electronics Group, commented that in order to promote better integration of smart home with people’s daily lives, setting the industry standard will be the key to breakthroughs with regard to further development.

Alongside the penetration of AI application in people’s living scenarios, consumers are looking for “intellect of life” instead of “quality of life”. Wong described that currently smart home products cover different aspects including smart security, smart power supplies, smart entertainment and intelligent travel.

To realize “smart living”, hardware, software and technological support must be integrated. Auto-induction and auto-response will be the key future development trends and applications will be shifting from smartphone controlled to voice-controlled. Wong added that in order to minimize the reliance on smartphone, software developers need to come up with different modules for different scenarios, and provide personalized services according to consumer needs. After all, the ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable and personalized home environment for end users. 

The “Smart living” service market is booming and attracts a lot of system developers, online sellers and channel distributors to the field. According to Wong, as technologies and product operation systems are not compatible with each another for now, there is a bottleneck hindering further development of the smart home industry. As a result, standardizing the software and technology standards will be the only way to achieve interconnection and improved functionality across the whole industry. 

With years of robust development, Global Sources Electronics show has transformed from a pure sourcing event to a multi-faceted and internationalized consumer electronics trade show. Wong concluded that Global Sources aims to leverage on the “content”, “experience” and “cutting-edge technological exploration” at the show to make it the perfect platform for buyers and suppliers to meet and negotiate, and thus facilitating the industry ecosystem to grow. 


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