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Path:  Corporate Home >> Media Coverage >> Apr 12, 2018
World’s largest Global Sources Electronics show kicked off in Hong Kong today

Shenzhen enterprises everywhere

Shenzhen enterprises accounted for the majority of the booths at the most important electronics manufacturing and distributing hub in the world. Of 6,600 booths across both phases, Shenzhen suppliers occupied nearly 60 percent.

The show also featured exhibitors from other countries and territories including Europe, the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong and many more. Many of them are high-tech companies which debuted their latest technologies and products to the show.

At the show floor you can see quite a number of “fusion” products – An outer shell for Raspberry Pi (i.e. a tiny and affordable computer that users can learn programming through fun, practical projects.) though palm-sized, it is equipped with a full power supply, keyboard and heat releasing system. With the aid of development software and the Raspberry Pi console, it can be transformed into a mini game player which supports online battles. By connecting it to an HDMI cable, one can view photos on their TV.

Anything special at this spring show

Different from CES which held in the U.S., a majority of products featured at Global Sources Electronics show are already on shelf or will be launched very soon. One example is smart living products which are increasingly hot these days. 

One interesting product is a smart aroma diffuser with voice-activated features. You just need to give a command to the Alexa speaker, and it will turn on the diffuser or change the background light. 

Apart from smart home products like sockets, inductors and switches, you can also see smart rice cookers, heaters and fans – all are voice-activated. Some of them even support Tmall Genie and Jingdong Ding Dong.

There is also a brainwave sleeping eyeshade where the built-in electrode can read user’s brainwaves for analyzing their sleep patterns. Based on the analysis, it can then produce real time white noise (noise containing many frequencies of equal intensities) helping users get better sleeping.

The show also includes Asia’s largest outdoor electronics pavilion with a wide range of electric personal transporters, drones & robotics and cameras & accessories. It also features a Personal Transporter Freestyle Show and on-site test drives.

The second phase coming next week

At the second phase, Mobile Electronics show, which will be held April 18 to 21, there will be a rich array of smartphones, tablets, accessories like mobile speakers and smart headphones.

President of Global Sources Electronics Group, Tommy Wong, said: “Global Sources Consumer Electronics show is now a UFI-Approved Event. This important endorsement recognizes the show’s proven track record as one of the highest quality exhibitions in the world. Twice a year, our show shines the spotlight on new technologies and ideas while providing the best sourcing experience for buyers.”


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