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Path:  Corporate Home >> Press Releases >> Trade Shows and Events >> April 15, 2011
Global Sources Launches Industry's First Online Sourcing Fair
Online shows aim to extend the reach and value of the China Sourcing Fairs far beyond the physical events
HONG KONG, April 15, 2011 – Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL) ( has announced the launch of its first Online Sourcing Fair.China Sourcing Fair: Security Products was introduced this week in conjunction with its Hong Kong series of China Sourcing Fairs ( The company intends to launch numerous other online shows throughout the year.

The new service uses online technology to bring together the company's traditional trade shows with online marketplaces, print and digital magazines. Each online show is built on the foundation of Global Sources' face-to-face shows, and includes product profiles of each exhibitor's featured products, multiple images of all of the booths, and video on companies, products and conference sessions.

President of Global Sources Exhibitions, Tommy Wong, said: "Our Online Sourcing Fairs are a brand new medium in our industry and, to the best of our knowledge, in the world. We have had a tremendous positive reaction from both buyers and suppliers and believe that this substantially changes the export trade show industry. This initiative also redefines our China Sourcing Fairs as a unique, next-generation trade show platform combining the face-to-face experience with rich media and online technology."

Wong continued: "The online shows will boost sourcing productivity for buyers by enabling them to engage with exhibitors before, during and after the physical show. Suppliers will benefit because we will be extending the life of their exhibition investment from a few days to several months. In addition, suppliers will reach more buyers and generate more sales leads – which should translate into an improved return on investment."

Global Sources' chairman and CEO, Merle A. Hinrichs, said: "We view this launch as a breakthrough initiative that extends our position of providing the broadest and most integrated multi-channel export marketing platform -- which is now comprised of online marketplaces, print magazines, digital magazines, trade shows, Private Sourcing Events and Online Sourcing Fairs. This offering addresses buyers' needs at all stages of the buying process, and enables buyers to access our content and suppliers where, when and how they prefer."

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