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Press Releases
Global Sources Receives Three IR Global Rankings Awards
HONG KONG, April 26, 2010 - Global Sources Ltd. (NASDAQ: GSOL) ( won IR Global Rankings ( awards for the fifth consecutive year:
  • Certificate of Excellence for IR Websites in Asia-Pacific;
  • Best IR Websites in China; and
  • Certificate of Excellence for Corporate Governance in Greater China.

Global Sources' Chief Financial Officer, David Gillan, said: "Winning IRGR's awards five years in a row is an accomplishment we are very proud of, especially given that the candidates included more than 500 companies from over 30 countries.We appreciate the recognition of our commitment to corporate governance best practices and transparency to shareholders."

About IR Global Rankings

Solid communication with the investment community is a key priority for investor relations and corporate governance professionals in the drive to reduce risk perception and create value. The implementation of best practices in communicating with the capital markets and fair disclosure procedures help companies earn and maintain investor confidence. The annual IR Global Rankings and Awards survey is the most comprehensive auditing and ranking system for IR websites, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures -- a great opportunity to benchmark IR efforts vis-a-vis peers and industry leaders. Based on extensive proprietary research of publicly held companies and investors, and supported by input from independent audit, corporate governance and legal experts, MZ's methodology is highly detailed, transparent and fully accessible to all participants. The annual IR Global Rankings and Awards has grown each year since 1999.

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