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Press Releases
Global Sources wins investor relations awards for the fourth consecutive year
Honored for Best IR Website and Corporate Governance Practices in Greater China & Asia/Pacific
HONG KONG, March 26, 2009 – Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL) won two top awards in the 2009 IR Global Rankings (IRGR):
  • "Best Ranked IR Website in Greater China & Asia/Pacific": selected based on content, technology and data manipulation, interactivity, design and timeliness.
  • "Best Ranked Corporate Governance Practices in Greater China": selected based on creating, maintaining and managing value, while balancing stakeholder interests.

Global Sources' Deputy Chief Financial Officer, David Gillan, said: "We are proud and delighted to have been honored by IRGR for the fourth consecutive year. Our objective is to adhere to best practices in corporate governance and we are committed to providing transparency to our shareholders."

The IR Global Rankings ( is the most comprehensive ranking system for IR website, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures. Based on extensive proprietary research of public companies and investors, supported by the input of independent audit, corporate governance, and legal experts, MZ's ( methodology is highly detailed, transparent, and completely accessible to all participants. The IR Global Rankings, supported by KPMG, Demarest & Almeida, Corporate Asia Network and Arnold & Porter, is a unique external review of any company's communication process with analysts and investors worldwide. The evaluations are executed by a team of experienced investor relations professionals and are reviewed by independent audit and legal experts. More than 160 companies from over 30 countries registered for the 2009 IR Global Rankings.

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