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Path:  Corporate Home >> Press Releases >> Trade Shows and Events >> December 1, 2009
China Sourcing Fair exhibitors donate 5 truckloads of product samples to Care & Share charity program
HONG KONG, December 1, 2009 – 135 exhibitors participated in Global Sources' (NASDAQ: GSOL) Care & Share charity program held during the October China Sourcing Fairs ( in Hong Kong. More than 5 truckloads of display samples were given to non-profit Crossroads Foundation ( for distribution to people affected by natural disasters, conflict and those living in poverty in Hong Kong and around the world.

Items donated range from toys and children's clothing to health and personal care products.

Global Sources' Chairman and CEO, Merle A. Hinrich, said: "This is the eighth time we have organized Care & Share at the China Sourcing Fairs and the program continues to grow. Donated product samples are intended to reach people who need them around the world."

"We are extremely grateful to our exhibitors. It is their generosity over the past three years that has made the Care & Share program such a success."

Director of Crossroads Foundation, Sally Begbie, said: "We would like to thank Global Sources for continuing to support this innovative program. Items we collect during the China Sourcing Fairs are the kinds of products needed most by those we serve. What is more, they are like-new items which can make a more lasting impact on people's lives."

Information on the Care & Share charity program and its participating donors is available at:

Global Sources is scheduled to run the Care & Share program again at the China Sourcing Fairs in Hong Kong in April 2010. Information about upcoming China Sourcing Fairs is available at . Details about Crossroads Foundation are available at .

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