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Below are summaries and highlights of selected press coverage about Global Sources.
Electronics Show
Nov 2017
Nov 15Tech China YouTube
Wearable Thermometer
Oct 2017
Oct 31Tech China YouTube
Post-it Printer
Oct 30GadgetMatch
Ideebank Mic is a portable karaoke machine
Oct 25 BeFast.TV
How It Was at Startup Launchpad
Oct 25 Chin@ Moments
If Shenzhen is Silicon Valley, then Hong Kong shall be San Francisco
Oct 24Trade Show News Network (TSNN)
Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show Drew 2800 Booths to AsiaWorld-Expo
Oct 24China Daily Facebook
Smart Wearables (SULP exhibitors)
Oct 20Notebook Italia YouTube
Ulefone Power 3
Oct 20China Daily Asia Youtube
China Daily Innovation Awards 2017 Fall
Oct 20China Daily Asia
Winning innovator uses AI to help us keep our cool
Oct 19Xinhuanet Guangdong
Global Sources Startup Launchpad celebrated its two-year old birthday, helping startups tap into international markets
Oct 19Tencent Digital (
2017 Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show opens
Has the VR/AR fever returned?
Asia’s largest AR/VR event and Startup Launchpad shine along the seaside of Hong Kong
Oct 19Shenzhen Economic Daily
Global Sources Mobile Electronics show opened yesterday in Hong Kong; VR products are penetrating into people’s lives
Oct 19Guangzhou Daily
Global Sources Mobile Electronics show opened yesterday;
Hot discussion by experts on expanding the application scenarios of VR;
Next Station for VR technology: Sports Education?
Global Sources Electronics :show helps facilitate flow of information throughout the electronics industry chain
HTC Vive’s Raymond Pao: Vive will provide more quality content in the near future
Oct 18Sina VR
Global Sources’ third VR/AR/MR Ecosystem Summit opened with heavyweight speakers to share their insights
Global Sources’ third VR/AR/MR Ecosystem Summit was held in Hong Kong
Asia’s largest electronics show opened today with Microsoft and HTC in attendance
How could one miss the Global Sources Mobile Electronics show?
Oct 17Tech China YouTube
Water Tester (SULP product)
Oct 16The Standard
Sourcing markets for hot products
Oct 13Shenzhen Special Zone Daily
Consumer electronics export show heating up; Global Sources Electronics fall show with 3,000 Shenzhen enterprises
Oct 12Xinhuanet Guangdong
Tommy Wong: Philosophy of innovation is not a piece of cake at the ever-changing battlefield of technology
Picking up phone calls with just fingers?
Let see how smart hardware is leading the new trends
Oct 12Shenzhen Economic News
Global Source Electronics opens in Hong Kong
World’s largest electronics sourcing show with 60% exhibitors coming from Shenzhen
Oct 12Nanfang Daily
Hong Kong’s largest electronics show with 60 percent of exhibitors from Shenzhen; 3D printing, smart home, innovative products from Shenzhen drew much attention
Oct 6China Daily Asia
Electronics show greets HK’s sourcing season
Sep 2017
Sep 27China Daily Asia
Expo to showcase latest smart technology in HK
Sep 27Xinhuanet Guangdong
Global Sources Electronics show grows: aggregating resources and catalyzing innovation
Sep 26China Daily Facebook
About Global Sources Electronics show (Tech Pow Wow -- Pre-show)
May 2017
May 3China Daily Tech China YouTube
Portable Keyboards
Apr 2017
Apr 25China Daily Tech China YouTube
Dual Lens Smartphones
Apr 20Ubergizmo
Marlin GPS Swim Meter With Underwater Voice Feedback
Apr 20Ubergizmo
Airbuds (Near) Real-Time Translator
Apr 20Notebook Italia YouTube
Emdoor EmdoorVR 3 Body VR mini PC with external GPU Thunderbolt 3 and Spear II HMD
Apr 19Ubergizmo
The S-Cradle Turns Old Smartphones Into 350 Degrees Cameras
Apr 19Ubergizmo
eNano Health Kiss and Tell Monitors Sugar Levels Without Blood Draw
Apr 19Xinhua News Agency
“China VR” racing in the global market
Apr 18China Daily Asia Youtube
Live interview with Ben Wong at ME show
Apr 18China Daily Tech China YouTube
Live interview with Tommy Wong at ME show
Apr 14China Daily Asia
Electric Boards
Apr 13China Daily Asia
Leading sourcing show to present latest mobile electronics products, technology
Apr 13China Daily Asia Youtube
China Daily 2017 Innovation Awards
Apr 13China Daily Asia
China Daily fetes innovative tech firms with 8 awards
Apr 13China Daily Asia Youtube
Leading sourcing show to present latest mobile electronics products, technology
Apr 13Southern Metropolis Daily
Hot-on-the-Net items disappearing from sourcing shows, is time for VR, AR and drones finally up?
“Selling what’s in trend” is no longer the solution, consumer electronics enterprises in the PRD looking for a way-out
Apr 12Xinhuanet GD
Tommy Wong: Creativity, quality and branding are vitality of technological innovation
Apr 12Shenzhen Special Zone Daily
Shenzhen enterprises play a leading role in promoting “Made in China”
Apr 12Nanfang Daily
Attend trade show in Hong Kong and return to business in Shenzhen all in one day; Shenzhen enterprises taking up 60 percent of the world’s largest electronics sourcing show
Apr 12Shenzhen Economic Daily
Global Sources Electronics show opened in Hong Kong; Shenzhen enterprises as main cast
Apr 12China News Agency
World’s largest electronics sourcing event opened in Hong Kong
Apr 11Notebook Italia YouTube
uArm swift and uArm swift Pro desktop robotic arm for anyone (SULP)
Apr 11Xinhuanet GD
Global Sources Electronics show opened; innovation and creativity are key words
Apr 11Tencent Digital
New element at Global Sources Electronics show’s Startup Launchpad – working with crowdfunding partners
Live at 2017 Global Sources Electronics show, take a look at the “Made in China” sellers show
Apr 11Notebook Italia YouTube
Besiter King Power graphene battery power bank and 80W USB C adapter
Apr 11Notebook Italia YouTube
Personal Transporter Show at 2017 Global Sources Electronics Show
Apr 11Notebook Italia YouTube
Serafim Keybo advanced projection keyboard (SULP)
8,800+ booths at Global Sources’ Spring Trade Shows in Hong Kong
Apr 11Tencent Technology
2017 Global Sources Electronics show opens Introducing new O2O direct sales services
Apr 11Xinhuanet Guangdong
Live at Global Sources Electronics show: Innovation and Creativity are the keywords
Apr 10China Daily Tech China YouTube
China Tech Pow Wow
Apr 10ON.CC
Global Sources Electronics show features latest and hottest products and technologies
Apr 6China Daily Asia
Global Sources Electronics show to feature latest gadgets, technology
Mar 2017
Mar 29China Daily Asia
Gadget buyers, sellers flock to electronics expo
Mar 29Wen Wei Po
2017 Global Sources Electronics pre-show event, enabling innovative enterprises
2017 Global Sources Electronics pre-show event, enabling innovative enterprises
Mar 29Hong Kong Economic Times
Significant increase in attendance of US and East European buyers for Electronics show next month
Mar 28Ming Pao
Global Sources Electronics show to be held next month.
Gifts & Home Show
Oct 2017
Oct 25International Business Daily
Global Sources Gifts & Home show: Innovation leading development
Oct 25Metropolis Express
Zhejiang enterprises are showing off the “Made-in-China” charisma at Global Sources Gifts & Home show
Oct 23Nanfang Daily
Shenzhen intelligent manufacturing tapping into home product market; Shenzhen smart home products received much attention at Gifts & Home show in Hong Kong
Oct 21China Daily Asia Youtube
Whiten Your Teeth (GH exhibitor)
Oct 19China Daily Asia YouTube
Hourglass Sleeping Lamp (GH exhibitor)
Oct 19Shenzhen Special Zone Daily
Global Sources Gifts & Home show heading to a new direction; local products from Shenzhen become a new hit
Oct 18China Daily Asia Youtube
Gift & Home Cool Design Award
Oct 18Xinhuanet Guangdong
Cameron Walker: Integration of technology and hardware is still the driving force for smart home industry
Apr 2017
Apr 21Shenzhen Special Zone Daily
A surge in overseas orders at Gifts & Home show; prosperous eCommerce platform attract more foreign orders
Apr 18China Daily Asia Youtube
Interview with Cameron Walker
Apr 18China News Agency
New era of smart living revealed at Gifts & Home show in Hong Kong
Apr 10The Standard
Platform for consumer, mobile technologies
Fashion Show
Nov 2017
Nov 7Southeast Express
Nearly 100 Xiamen enterprises led by the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Commerce to attend sourcing show in Hong Kong
Nov 3International Business Daily
Global Sources: demonstrating fashion with new tech
Nov 2Biz Leader Podcast (China Daily)
Livia Yip | Global Sources
Nov 1Metropolis Express
T-shirt with built in soft LED display, sweater made of thermochromic material – Fashion industry integrates with smart technology; Hong Kong’s largest fashion sourcing show came to a close
Global Sources: Suppliers Look to EU & Japan for Orders
Oct 2017
Global Sources Fashion showcases newest fashion
Oct 30Xinhuanet Guangdong
Livia Yip: We are making Global Sources Fashion show the barometer of fashion industry
Oct 29China Daily Asia YouTube
Live: Designers Show - Apparel on 29th Oct, 2017
Oct 28Viet Nam News
VN goods shown at HK fashion fair
Oct 27Fashionating World
Global Sources Fashion being hosted in Hong Kong from October 27
Oct 27China Daily Asia YouTube
Anti-thief bag
Oct 27China Daily Asia YouTube
Bouncing Backpack
Oct 19China Daily Asia
Fashion in smart tie-up with technology
May 2017
May 8Southeast Express online
Some 500 Fujian suppliers flock to Hong Kong, accept small orders and employ foreign designs
May 5International Business Daily
“Made in China” is indeed fashionable
May 3International Business Daily Wechat
Global Sources Fashion show highlights Chinese creativity and culture
May 2Daily Business
Hangzhou enterprises tap into international platform with their own brands Strengthening innovation, developing brands are core strategies for the future of Made in China; fashion product sourcing show brings in future new trends
Apr 2017
Apr 29China Daily Asia Youtube
Live at Global Sources Fashion Designers Show on 29 April, 2017 - Apparel
Apr 29China Daily Asia Youtube
Live at Global Sources Sports Fashion Show on 29 April, 2017
Apr 29China Daily Asia Youtube
Live at Global Sources Fashion Designers Show on 28 April, 2017 - Apparel
Apr 29China Daily Asia Youtube
New Markets Pavilion
Apr 28Inside Retail HK
Hong Kong hosting Global Sources Fashion show
Apr 28China Daily Asia Youtube
Live at Global Sources Fashion Designers Show on 28 April, 2017 - Apparel
Apr 28Xinhua News Agency
Global Sources Fashion show opened, 1,700 booths showcasing latest fashion items
Apr 28China Daily Asia Youtube
Live at Global Sources Fashion Analyst's Choice Show on 28 April, 2017 - Accessories & Apparel
Apr 27China Daily Asia Youtube
Transforming Fashion - Trends & Tech Series
Apr 27China Daily Asia Youtube
Interview with Ms. Livia Yip, the President of Global Sources Fashion Group
Apr 26International Business Daily
A first-class platform to gather innovative products around the world
Apr 20China Daily Asia
Global Sources Fashion show to offer buyers trendy, sustainable, quality products
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