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Chief Executive China presents its 15th anniversary special edition
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To mark its 15th year of providing best management practices to help China's executives become better exporters, Chief Executive China published a special supplement in its March 2007 issue. Each article provides business insights gained from the magazine's long-standing role as the source of management wisdom for China's executives.

Articles highlighting the value of Chief Executive China include:

  1. Letter from the Editor: Data, Knowledge and Wisdom
  Global Sources' chief operating officer and publisher of China Executive China, Craig Pepples, discusses the importance of quality information and management know-how for exporters.
  2. Cover Feature: 15 Years as the Source for Management Wisdom
    Describes how, for the past 15 years, Chief Executive China has helped readers compete by providing management resources, professional consultancy and useful tools.
  3. Education Program: The Third Side of Global Sources' Export Service Triangle
    Illustrates how export education, along with the practical management information available in Chief Executive China, work together with the Global Sources new total solution can create a powerful service triangle for China's exporters.
  4. Strategy: Move Up the Value Chain
    Describes Global Sources' services to help suppliers move up the value chain by connecting them with quality buyers.

Chief Executive China, published by Global Sources, is the leading management magazine in mainland China reaching an audited circulation of 188,000 business decision makers. Another 800,000 of China's business elite are registered users of the magazine's companion website, .

In addition to Chief Executive China, Global Sources gives support to world trade through its comprehensive marketing solution for Asia's exporters, which include trade magazines, online marketplaces, trade shows and direct sales.

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