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Tsinghua University
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Tsinghua University's international business journalism program is truly visionary. The Master of Arts in Global Business Journalism program is groundbreaking for China today.

Global Sources is delighted to support exciting educational initiatives with Tsinghua University, including postgraduate scholarships for academic year 2011-2012.

To advance the study of business journalism in China, Global Sources donated the Global Sources Hall at Tsinghua's School of Journalism & Communication. The Global Sources Hall will give students a convenient place to meet and exchange ideas in the advancement of their studies.

To enable students with a passion for business journalism to participate in Tsinghua's world-class program, Global Sources supports numerous scholars.

To even further enhance students' exposure to best practices, standards and ethics in international business journalism, Global Sources is also working with the school to endow a series of lectures from a visiting professor.

Read the press release here:

Global Sources Hall at Tsinghua's School of Journalism & Communication


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