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Global Sources believes that the diversity of people with different ideas and cultures is an essential ingredient for the long-term success of our business.

Our corporate and social responsibility goes beyond providing a safe environment for our team members. We also believe learning and development are essential so we regularly conduct training programs in order to equip our team members with the skills they need to operate successfully. And we provide significant opportunity for advancement based on merit.

Hear what our team members have to say about working at Global Sources. Discover just how far you can go with a combination of hardwork, passion and commitment.

Global Sources sincerely thank all the team members who have been working with us for the past 10, 20 and 36 years
"We have always been a cosmopolitan organization, but today that is even more pronounced. It feels like the United Nations."

Philip Chatting
VP for Human Resources


Team members actively engaging in workshop discussion

"Life at Global Sources is better than doing any kind of theoretical studies in any educational institution in the world. I have learned about marketing, selling, management, training and the works–just by being a part of this organization. I think I would have had to spend half my life studying in college if I had to otherwise learn all this by myself."
National Sales Manager
Mumbai, India

"Life in Global Sources is full of motivation and a sense of harmony. On the one hand, working with capable professionals motivates me to ceaselessly improve myself; on the other hand, everyone is willing to learn from each other and grow together in a harmonized atmosphere."

Exhibitor Support Coordinator
Shenzhen, China

"I am so proud to be working with my bosses...experts in their respective fields, they teach me a lot, while giving me the chance to excel."

Senior Art Director
Shenzhen, China


Shenzhen sales team members celebrate as they made it to the top of Wutong Mountain
"Life at Global Sources is like an extreme sports adventure that takes you from one challenge to another under time pressure. The good thing about it is that I have wonderful teammates who act as my support mechanism."
Managing Editor
Manila, Philippines

"I arrived in Hong Kong as an Assistant Copywriter in 1992, fresh from being a Captain of Britain's Royal Artillery. Since then, I have worked as copywriter, marketing executive, sales executive, chief representative and now as Key Accounts Manager. The organization has offered me the chance to work in different countries and take on some extreme challenges. Through that, it has given me the opportunity to learn about the business and the environments in which it operates."

Key Accounts Manager
Hong Kong

"I was an accountant before I joined Global Sources as a Sales Manager in Taiwan for the TEG. Selling for Asian Sources stretched me right from the start. But I soon realized that I could make good money if I worked hard."

Global Sources Electronic Components Chief Representative
Minsheng, Taiwan

Enjoying work

Our inspiring and relaxed workspace
"I joined Global Sources as an account executive and moved to Sales Manager. I find my job very rewarding on three levels - personal, corporate and national. The growth of Global Sources mirrors the growth of China. I am benefiting with a rewarding job, but I am also helping my country in its drive to expand international trading links."
General Manager
Shenzhen, China

"Even before I joined Global Sources, all my former colleagues and interviewees in the industry knew about and talked highly of Global Sources, that's why I wanted to join. I'm here now, where I wanted to be, doing what I like to do. Among other things, I like the feeling that we are doing our job, contributing to the bigger-scale..."

Managing Editor
Seoul, Korea

"The commitment, the loyalty that most team members manifest is awesome. It's contagious too!"

Hong Kong


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