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Global Sources supports the communities where it operates both through the involvement of our team members and through financial support.

Our efforts have made a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of people in developing countries across Asia. Some of these efforts include the charity program Care & Share and Digital Divide Data.

The Hinrich Foundation believes sustainable global trade promotes peace

Merle A. Hinrich is the founder and former executive chairman of Global Sources and the founder and chairman of the Hinrich Foundation. Global Sources and the Hinrich Foundation are separate entities. They do, however, share a common belief in the benefits of sustainable global trade.

With the objective of creating jobs in developing countries in Asia, Global Sources provides the Hinrich Foundation with in-kind support to help promote export manufacturers to buyers worldwide.

To learn more about the Hinrich Foundation, please visit

Care & Share program – donating products to people in need
Global Sources and Crossroads International created the Care & Share charity program in 2006. After each China Sourcing Fair, exhibitors donate truckloads of trade show display samples to people in need.

Non-profit Crossroads International distributes the items to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty around the world. Donated samples include toys, stationery, housewares, furniture and playground equipment.

More about Crossroads International is available here, click here.


Digital Divide Data – providing social, human & economic development in Cambodia & Laos
Digital Divide Data is more than just a data processing company. It is a non-profit social venture that aims to use technology to improve lives of some of the world's least developed nations. It is breaking new ground by bringing well-paid technology jobs to countries where they didn't previously exist and to groups who struggle just to survive.

Founded in 2001, DDD opened its first facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Now it has nearly 100 workers throughout three offices across Cambodia and Laos, and has served dozens of clients around the world. Most of DDD's employees come from some of Cambodia's most disadvantaged groups – such as the disabled, land mine victims and women.

This month's feature employee:

For all profiles, please click here.

In conjunction with the Kearny Alliance, Global Sources provides expansion capital to DDD, aids in North American marketing, and sponsors Thunderbird School of Management Internships with DDD.

If you would like to learn more about the services DDD offers, or ways you can help, please visit .

We are engaged in projects that endeavor self-sustainment and help advance economic prosperity through trade and trade initiatives. If you are interesting in cooperating with us in helping us in our efforts, please contact us at .

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