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CEIBS is the foremost international business school in Asia. It has gained a worldwide reputation for its pioneering research in joint-venture management, its international MBA program and its thriving executive education programs.

Global Sources offers the Excellence in Export Marketing (EEM) program in conjunction with CEIBS. The program is specifically designed for China's senior export executives.

Since August 2002, 1314 China-based exporting executives from 1267 companies have attended the Excellence in Export Marketing program. Over 65 percent of the participants were General Managers, CEO's or Directors of their respective firms.

CEIBS is sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the European Union, and has a clientele that consists of more than 450 Chinese and multinational corporations.

A graduating class proudly stands in front of the CEIBS school   Global Sources and CEIBS provide China's senior managment with the skills they need to compete  


Global Sources Information Centre

CEIBS library, named after its donor as Global Sources Information Centre, is a three-floor, 2500-square-meter state-of-the-art building.

It contains shelving space for 45,000 books and 400 network connections, and offers seating for 240 students and faculty. The library now houses over 23,000 volumes of books in English and Chinese, and currently subscribes to about 260 printed journals. In addition to traditional collection, the library provides a variety of electronic resources through its Internet and Intranet, including UMI's business and management journals, Dow Jones business news, China business information from EIU and ISI, Wanfang's company directory, NetLibrary's thousands of ebooks, and OCLC's union catalog of 33,000 world-wide libraries.

To learn about the Excellence in Export Marketing program, please visit our Education homepage.

Global Sources Information Centre at the
heart of CEIBS Shanghai campus

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