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In 2007, Global Sources formed a partnership with Peking University's China Center for Economic Research to offer world-class export education courses for China's executives. Part of the University's Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) program, the courses are designed to strengthen the competitiveness of China's exporters by teaching them how to better manage buyer relationships.

Courses combine Peking University's academic strength with Global Sources' experience in export marketing. This partnership will enhance the training of China's next generation of business leaders as global trade evolves.

Peking University is China's most-respected academic institution and ranks among the world's top universities. For the past three years, Forbes has ranked BiMBA as the most valuable part-time MBA in China.

For course schedules, please visit our Education homepage. And please click here to learn about our postgraduate scholarship opportunities for academic year 2011-2012.

Mr. Pepples, Mr. Hinrichs, Mr. Gao and Mr. Lin toast at the signing ceremony   Enthusiastic students eager to learn about export marketing   Global Sources is proud to be partnering with Peking University to offer world-class export education to the business elites in China


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