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Hong Kong Baptist University
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Hong Kong Baptist University and Global Sources jointly offer scholarship support to Southeast Asian students who wish to pursue a Master of Arts degree in international Journalism. The program gives special consideration to students from Vietnam and Cambodia.

Hong Kong Baptist University has taught journalism at the undergraduate level for nearly 40 years and is well-known in Hong Kong. Graduates take up many professional positions in the news media.

Among its many activities in Asia, Global Sources has been supporting students from mainland China to study for the Hong Kong Baptist University's International Journalism undergraduate degree since 2002.

The beautiful Hong Kong Baptist University campus

Stipend Support for Undergraduates

This program has enabled students of merit from mainland China to study at Hong Kong Baptist University.

To qualify, he or she must be an English journalism major, with emphasis on business-related disciplines. A total of four students are currently studying at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Mickey Yang was one of our stipend recipients. He graduated in May 2007, and is now a Global Sources team member located in Ningbo, China.

For more information about our scholarship program with Hong Kong Baptist University, please contact Alex Boome at .

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