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We have always been a cosmopolitan organization, but today that is even more pronounced. It feels like the United Nations.
—Philip Chatting, VP for Human Resources

Hear what our team members have to say about working at Global Sources. Discover just how far you can go with a combination of hardwork, passion and commitment.


"With Global Sources, I've been in project management, product development, and marketing. In project management, I managed process requirement planning and resources. In product development, I led teams for technical and business implementation for back-end systems, software applications, and front-end products and services. In marketing, we use all channels—except TV advertising—to market Global Sources products and services. So I've acquired a fairly wide range—a hybrid—of technical, business and marketing skills over the years."

Lena, General Manager

"Global Sources is the first company I have worked for. The way I have been treated here shows that Global Sources believes that team members are its greatest strength. We, team members, are asked what should be done and not told what to do.

"It has been great working in a team with people of different cultures and different generations. Global Sources is a rock-solid company and I am excited to be a part of it."

Rahul, Senior Account Executive

"I am lucky to be part of Global Sources. The Company never stops growing; there is always something new and exciting taking place. I am working with a group of wonderful team members—their management experience and professional attitude have pushed me in the past 16 years. This is why I have been working here for so many years, and this is what motivates me to attain career success and personal growth. What I am today is far beyond my expectations years ago, and for that I am truly grateful."

Jenny, General Sales Manager

"There is a certain thrill in taking a one-line idea/requirement to its logical completion and monitoring its impact on key metrics. The exposure and added responsibilities I have received in the organization in the last couple of years are other rewards that I cherish. Also, Global Sources provides several opportunities for personal and professional growth through internal and external training programs."

Seema, General Manager

"Global Sources offers team members personal development. It is important to discover your own potential and work hard to move your way up the career ladder. As long as you do a great job, the company would promote you to a more proper position."

Cliff, Account Manager

"As clients change, our products and services also further develop to meet the changing demands of our suppliers and buyers. To market new ideas, we need to understand the background and value of the changes first, then promote them by using the channel and message that the target audience will buy in.

"The best reward is when I make things happen. This is a job where I never stop learning."

Anita, General Manager


"Working at Global Sources challenges how much I can multitask as I handle several projects at the same time. I like the teamwork here because since my first day at work, my teammates have always guided me toward my personal growth and development. Even when I was new, it was not hard for me to adjust working with them because everyone has been good to me."

Gemmalyn, Billing Assistant

"Doing exhibition work takes a lot of preparation. However, no matter how much we prepare, unexpected things may just happen on-site, so we have to be flexible and always have contingency measures on the side. Patience is always the key in any situation. We've encountered and have surpassed a lot of challenges. We've always managed to pull it off, and it's fulfilling for us especially when the results are good."

May Ann, Senior Marketing Executive

"Our team provides online and face-to-face training and education courses to suppliers on various aspects of international trade. Topics include handling inquiries, trade show participation, dealing with global buyers, etc. We also provide training on the use of our electronic catalogue, as well as client support. So it is inevitable for us to encounter challenges especially those faced by our clients. We enjoy the pleasure of overcoming such difficulties and help clients make a step forward every time."

Hodge, Training Manager

"I was an accountant before I joined Global Sources as a Sales Manager in Taiwan for the TEG. Selling for Asian Sources stretched me right from the start. But I soon realized that I could make good money if I worked hard."

Jarvis, GSOL/EC Chief Representative

Enjoying work

"I joined Global Sources as an account executive and moved to Sales Manager. I find my job very rewarding on three levels - personal, corporate and national. The growth of Global Sources mirrors the growth of China. I am benefiting with a rewarding job, but I am also helping my country in its drive to expand international trading links."

Catty, General Manager

"My workday essentials are the people around me at work. People are fabrics which weave the entire Global Sources family, forming an essential component to the beating heart of Global Sources. For me, these people are the ones who make my workday tick. Without them, my workday would be less interesting, fun-filled and joyful, with far less smiles and laughter. I go about my workday with much enthusiasm and passion, looking forward to arriving at work each and every day, all thanks to the wonderful people here at Global Sources!"

Melvin, Marketing Officer

"My daily work seems small and may contain many trivialities, but it is a great joy to be of help to others."

Xu Ming, Office Administration Assistant

"Even before I joined Global Sources, all my former colleagues and interviewees in the industry knew about and talked highly of Global Sources, that's why I wanted to join. I'm here now, where I wanted to be, doing what I like to do. Among other things, I like the feeling that we are doing our job, contributing to the bigger-scale..."

Dong-Wook, Managing Editor

"As there are so many Global Sources offices around the globe, working in the Company is like working in an Internet cloud wherein you will only see an IP address. Nevertheless, whenever help is needed to complete a task, these faceless colleagues will 'jump' out and do their best to help each other regardless of nationality, boundary, race, or gender. This is what I call 'Band of Brothers.'"

WaiKhin, IT Security Manager

"Our department is responsible for creating effective B2B ads for our clients in South China, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. And this often has to be done within a very short timeframe. So everyone—client service officers, copywriters and artists—has to work together to make sure this happens. We have a fun team: the artists in particular are always making jokes and, while I don't always understand everything they say, it's great when we can use a mix of English and Chinese to make jokes that everyone laughs at."

Adrienne, Service Quality Supervisor

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