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In order to have an organization with vitality, you have to search continuously for good people, train and motivate them, and, at an early stage, allow them to make decisions.
—Dr. John Walsh, management consultant to Global Sources and professor of International Business Studies.

Global Sources believes in providing responsibility to people who demonstrate an ability to produce results regardless of nationality, gender, creed or seniority.

We value our team members and look to provide skills development and career opportunities to help them advance

Says Craig Pepples, President of Corporate Affairs: "Once an individual is aware of the strengths and weakness of others on his or her team, the team itself becomes more effective. The overall objective is to give individuals an understanding of where they stand in the greater scheme of the organization."

This is one powerful aspect of Global Sources' culture: the opportunity to learn and improve one's skills together with people from many different countries.

If you're ready to work in a multi-cultural environment where your efforts and hard work will be noticed and rewarded, click here to explore job opportunities with Global Sources.
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