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Welcome to Global Sources Corporate Information
Global Sources creates, manages and delivers the information that trading partners need to meet and do business. We provide the right information, at the right time, in the right format.
• Worldwide quality buyers and suppliers • China's business decision-makers • China's domestic buyers and global suppliers
 Worldwide quality buyers and suppliers  China's business decision-makers  China's domestic buyers and global suppliers
Latest News
Global SourcesGlobal Sources and Globex set to launch fully integrated online system for trading, customs declaration and payment settlement
HONG KONG, Dec. 28, 2016Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL) and Shenzhen Globex e-Services Inc., an integrated e-commerce service provider, are planning to co-develop a fully integrated electronic solution to facilitate more efficient cross-border trade between mainland China-based exporters and overseas buyers.   >>Learn more
28 Dec 2016
Global SourcesGlobal Sources announces retirement of James Watkins from board of directors
NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2016Global Sources Ltd. (NASDAQ: GSOL) announced Mr. James Watkins, an independent director and a member of the Company’s audit and compensation committees, will be retiring from the board of directors with effect from Jan. 1, 2017.   >>Learn more
19 Dec 2016
Global SourcesGlobal Sources appoints Craig Pepples as CEO
NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2016Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL) has appointed Craig Pepples as the CEO of the Company effective Jan. 1, 2017.   >>Learn more
8 Dec 2016
Global SourcesGlobal Sources reaffirms commitment to Hong Kong
HONG KONG, Dec. 6, 2016Global Sources (NASDAQ: GSOL) announced today that the Company has renewed its contracts with AsiaWorld-Expo Management to host its trade shows at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) in 2019 and 2020 at a total contract value of approximately US$27.1 million.  >>Learn more
6 Dec 2016
Global SourcesGlobal Sources wins eighth consecutive Gold Award in The Asset Triple A Awards 2016
HONG KONG, November 30, 2016Global Sources Ltd. (NASDAQ: GSOL) received the Gold corporate award for excellence in corporate governance and investor relations in The Asset’s December 2016 issue.   >>Learn more
30 Nov 2016
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